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Riviera Pest Control is the only company to call for all your pest control issues in Dubai and across UAE. No one wants to or should have to live in pest infested places. And no customer should ever be subjected to a pest infested restaurant, office, warehouse or any business. Pests, big and small, are more than a nuisance, they are a health hazard! They destroy food, clothing, furniture and even the very buildings they infest. We are here to make certain that critters remain where they should. Out of your home. Out of your business. Out of your office. Getting rid of your pest issue is only a part of what Riviera Pest Control does. If you wish to take control of pests before they take control of your life or business, give our office a call for more information on our regularly scheduled pest control programs.

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Riviera Pest Control was formed in 1980. Our primary commitment is to be effective and environmentally friendly pest control, for both residential and commercial properties in Dubai and all across UAE. As an expert in pest control with over 3 decades of experience we know the proper way to inspect your home. We are trained to identify the subtle, tell-tale signs an untrained eye will miss. The general construction of your building will have a lot to do with effective control, the uncovering of hidden damage, and elimination of infestations. Your home and business should be pest free, and our pest control services are designed to provide you with relief from all types of insects and rodents.

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Riviera Pest Control offer efficient, discreet and emergency pest control services in Dubai and all across UAE for residential and commercial properties. We treat all infestations quickly because pests can transmit diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, cause damage to your property and increase the maintenance bills. The pest removal experts have successfully treated domestic and business premises all over UAE for different types of pests, including bed bugs, mice, rats, moths and more. We will conduct a full property inspection before going ahead with the treatment to determine the level of infestation, entry points and the most appropriate removal method for the current situation. We believe in integrated pest management with an emphasis on pest prevention and not just cure. We operate with a consultative approach, proposing right pest control solutions that fit your specific residential, industrial and commercial need rather than using a single pest management solution. Please call any time you need we are just a call away. We are available 365 days a year 24/7. We deliver economic, effective and quality solutions to all of your pest control needs may you be a home owner or owner of a business of any nature and size. Our customers are the spirit of our operations. We take pride in passing comfort and peace of mind on to our customers, and this made us the top pest control company in Dubai, UAE.

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