Riviera Pest Control keeps giving excellent and high-quality services when it comes to offering pest control solutions in Dubai and UAE. We strived hard to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the industry and eventually gained tremendous growth in the process. Our highly trained local pest control experts are committed to focusing on taking good care of the health of our clients during pest treatment. As a result, we make sure to use only the latest advanced eco-friendly pest control solutions that won’t disturb your health in any way. As the leading pest control company in Dubai with 30+ years of experience, we maintain complete transparency.

For a discreet and reliable pest control service in Dubai, that you can rely on not only in an emergency, but year after year for all your pest problems, contact us today. We believe that pest control should be proactive. All our technicians are well qualified and licensed by the UAE government to carry out pest control by local laws. Our approach is that we try to address pest problems before they start, minimizing the need for reactive treatments, so we’re always one step ahead of our competitors. After a thorough assessment of your premises and pest problems, we will tailor a specific strategy to suit your business. In addition to chemical pest control, we also focus on ongoing control measures and monitoring, depending on the pest species and life cycle.

Safe Pest Control in Dubai 

We are the leading pest control specialists in the UAE, identifying and eliminating termites from all types of commercial and residential properties. With over 30 years of termite detection experience in the UAE, we are constantly researching and upgrading to the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies available worldwide. Our highly trained technicians use thermal imaging, moisture meters, and listening devices to detect even the earliest stages of a termite infestation. From the initial phone contact to the completion of the pest control service, you can expect only the best and most specialized pest control service from us. We are known for our excellent customer service, professionalism, and friendliness. When we visit, you can anticipate seeing a familiar face. We get to know you and your property, and we always strive to provide a service that is exceptionally friendly and competent. We provide courteous and competent service to all of our residential pest control customers. We provide not only the services you require, but also free advice, follow-ups, and consultation. As a client, you can anticipate that our technicians will treat your issues as if they were their own. We also recognize that consumers do not wish to be informed of the difficulty of a repair. They desire solutions and reassurance that their insect problem will be resolved.

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